Comfort and Closure
An original soundtrack adaptation for A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) directed by Brad Silberling. 
Rights of video not owned by Catherine Hillier 
Video creds: Lucas Marmol (YouTube Channel)
Original music: Thomas Newman 
Re-composed music: Catherine Hillier
' 'TERRA' is part of the project 'SATIS', which was born from the idea that shock factor is not the most effective tactic to encourage conversation about women’s rights. I believe that by taking inspiration from Still Life paintings, I might pique the viewer’s interest in the subject, and in doing so, educate them. In the spirit of this, it felt appropriate to give the project and each image a Latin title, as Latin is a well-respected language, which is unrelated specifically to any cultures relevant to these images. The word SATIS translates to ‘enough’. ' - Caterina Lombardi (Photographer, Filmmaker, Director and Editor of 'TERRA')

Poem written and spoken by Margarita Epiphaniou

Music Composed by Catherine Hillier

Sound recorded by Laurence Pearson

Graded by Ethan Roberts

'Short documentary showing how a connection with nature can heal a woman's chronic skin condition and provide her with a form of escapism from her own self.' - Natalie Turner-Blackman 
Film by Natalie Turner-Blackman
Music by Catherine Hillier