Catherine is a 24 year old composer, performer and musician currently based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. 

Having also grown up here, surrounded by the world of Shakespeare and theatre, and a grandfather with a passion for Jazz and Classical music, she was exposed to many genres from an early age. This interest only continued to develop and flourish. From participating in musical theatre productions since the age of 9, and learning the clarinet, piano and singing in primary school, she has carried these through into her University life at Falmouth, where she has recently graduated with a degree in BA Music (Hons). 

Her long-standing love of live, orchestral music quickly evolved into a passion for film scores, where she is inspired by the work of Zimmer, Portman, Elfman and Newman to name but a few. Her delicate and emotive style, predominantly deriving from piano and strings is inspired by that of Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass and Johann Jóhannsson. 

Catherine now continues to specialise her practice in music for the moving image and aims to broaden her musical knowledge and research to bring diversity to her work. She enjoys learning new instruments which could aid her practice, these include guitar and Saxophone.

As well as writing music specifically for the moving image, Catherine also works as a solo artist, composing music which stands alone, but that still possesses emotive style and filmic quality.